Welcome to Skadiddle


Who is Wayne?

Allow me to introduce myself:
My name is Wayne Kinney, hailing from the great Seattle, WA. I've been known as a web guy, a product manager, a project manager, a localization manager, a brother, uncle, son, and friend. My policy is to never take life too seriously and take vacations whenever possible. It is wise to rest one's mind. Beer is good, too.

With 12 years experience driving features and content for websites used by millions of people, I believe cross-team collaboration across disciplines is crucial to the success of a project. Product and program management, development, quality assurance, marketing, merchandising, customer support, localization, and planning must work together to create a valuable impact with everything we do. Regardless of the bumps in the road, in the end, it's all about the customer.

Feel free to peruse an overview of my experience and connect with me for relevant job or networking opportunities.

What's a Skadiddle?

A fun word. When I was thinking of what to call my new website, a single lyric from Skee-lo's song, I Wish, dropped anchor in my head and I knew it would be Skadiddle. Then I realized that particular word wasn't in the song at all. But that's where the idea came from and so it is. It's simply a fun thing to say.

What is the purpose of Skadiddle.com?

Right now, it is just a way to connect professionally which is a little more personal than other social networks or headhunter sites. To start, this site will serve as a work portfolio, an extension of my résumé, and a sandbox for ideas (most of which you won't see until they are fully baked).

I started this site with little more than a goal to secure the domain name which is why I went with a templated site rather than a custom build. With that completed, I'm filling with ideas about all the possible ways this could become more than just a link on my résumé. I ultimately see it as a creative outlet and the vehicle to flex my web muscles.